The process begins with a confidential discussion with the client company and a joint assessment of the most appropriate and effective methods, which may include some or all of the following:

File Search
Once a job and candidate specification has been agreed, a likely shortlist of interviewees are produced from our extensive and constantly updated database.
These candidates are interviewed and screened by Peach Recruitment who will draw up a shortlist and co-ordinate the interview process with the client company up to and including preparation of letters of offer and advising on conditions of employment.
Recruitment Advertising
In many circumstances it is appropriate to supplement normal file search with recruitment advertising, either under the name of Peach Recruitment or the client company.
We advise on layout, design and copy of an advertisement and which media will draw the strongest response.
All applications are processed through Peach Recruitment who will draw up a shortlist for presentation to the client company and assist with the interview and selection process, up to and including preparation of letters of offer and advising on conditions of employment.



When you are faced with staff absence or increased workload, good quality temporary support is often extremely difficult to source. Peach Recruitment work with the client company to anticipate future needs.

Peach Recruitment work with the client company to anticipate future needs in order to provide temporary staff with the right experience and qualifications in the shortest possible time.
Our aim is to provide staff who are both competent and fully briefed on the client organisation so that they can make a real contribution from the moment they start work.
Contract staff can be provided on an ongoing basis for general operations. They are assigned to work on behalf of our clients and are under their direct control and supervision.
Peach Recruitment make the necessary tax deductions, process all payments to the staff by electronic transfer and make all statutory returns to the tax authorities. Clients can request detailed activity reports and receive accurate cost analysis of the Peach Recruitment workforce by department or cost centre.


Interview_handshakeThere are many ways to a successful recruitment campaign and the correct approach can only be decided after a thorough and confidential discussion with the client company.

In certain circumstances, a search may be the right option when there seem to be difficulties in attracting the right kind of candidate from the normal recruitment advertising process, or where there is a high level of confidentiality, or where particularly suitable candidates may be partially identified by the client company.
The process of executive search begins with a briefing between the client and the Peach Recruitment consultant, where job and candidate specifications are agreed and a list of target companies compiled.
The next phase is for Peach Recruitment to contact the targeted candidates and others who may be identified through file search or alternative processes.
Candidates are then interviewed by Peach Recruitment. Absolute confidentiality is maintained both from ‘clients’ and candidates’ standpoints unless permission is received to release information to either party.
A shortlist of potentially suitable applicants is then prepared for the client company. Peach Recruitment schedule and co-ordinate the interviews and work with the client company up to and including preparation of a letter of offer and negotiation of conditions of employment.


Permanent Staff: An agency fee of 10% of annual gross salary will be charged. An appointment of less than 12 months duration will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis. Should the contract be extended or made permanent the balance of the fee will fall due.

Peach Recruitment offer 100% refund on placement fees within the first 3 months, if our placed candidate does not work out due to unforeseen circumstances.
This is a low risk service for our Clients.
Temporary & Contract Staff (On Peach Payroll)
Clients are invoiced weekly for temporary and contract staff. This invoice includes the Employees Gross Earnings and Employers PRSI Contribution. Additionally, there is an Agency Fee of 15% calculated on Employees Gross Earnings.
NOTE: The Client agrees to accrue and pay for all leave, holiday and bank holiday entitlements in accordance with statutory law.