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The labor market is very extensive, dynamic and constantly evolving matter. Zenith Healthcare Recruitment (ZHR) focuses its activities in the segment of Healthcare.

The goal of Zenith Healthcare Recruitment (ZHR) is to search and select highly-skilled candidates from:


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      • Nurses – specially for nursing homes
      • Midwives

It is projected that each year, on average, approximately 450 nurses and midwives are needed to maintain the employment stock in line with the population growth, while at the same time 2,450 are expected to be leaving the occupation, on average, per annul. Therefore, the total recruitment requirement is expected to be in the range of 2,900 (2,665 WTE) per annul, on average, over the projection period

Given the migration process, we believe that these candidates can be viewed as a solution to the problem in the long term.

The activity will be based strictly on (Directive 2005/36 / EC) – These candidates are entitled to work in Ireland without a work permit

      • We know in great detail, the entire registration procedure.
      • We will support our candidates in the registration process from the beginning to the receipt of NMBI’s PIN.
      • We will offer employers, only candidates who are on the final phase of the registration procedure in NMBI


The ZHR. We have a unique offering, since no other agencies in our area having a direct contact with the labor market of Bulgaria, but there are plenty of other agencies offering the same service. These include plain different sites offering job and recruitment services.
We differentiate ourselves by offering a completely new service.
We differentiate ourselves because our staff are Bulgarian origin. We know the bulgarian attitude of mind.
The candidates from Bulgaria will rely more easily on his compatriot.
Without excluding the new technologies, we use the “old” technique of the personal contact. 

Why Us?

Why choose Us?
Why choose ZHR?


It seems that every recruitment agency claims to be “the leading recruitment specialist” in their sector. They say they have more experience than anyone else, they care the most about their clients and candidates plus, of course, they have the biggest database.
We think differently at ZHR. We believe good recruitment is not just about using databases and technology, but also about connecting people with people, matching skills accurately and getting the culture fit exactly right, every time. We believe the best recruitment consultants must have sensitivity, sector experience and an intuitive understanding of their role in the recruitment process.

In particular,

      • We do not make exaggerated claims about being the best, although we do strive to be so.
      • We know the client have a choice and could easily take your business elsewhere, so we must deliver on our promises.
      • We treat our clients and our candidates as we would like to be treated ourselves: with respect.
      • We tell it like it is and if we can’t help client we will let him know.
      • We keep things simple. People are complex enough, so recruitment doesn’t need to be.
      • We know that when recruitment agencies fail to act with Honesty and Integrity at all times, they will be caught out in the end.
      • Everything we do requires Confidentiality, without question.
      • We know we must deliver great Value for our clients, so they keep coming back.
      • Our recruitment specialists come from senior management positions in their sector so they speak the client’s language and know what it’s like to be in him shoes.
      • Whether potential Client of ZHR, or a Candidate, we want each to get the best out of the recruitment process.


The specificity of the business reason for the delay in revenue.
This specificity makes it unique and attractive.
Application procedures and registration in NMBI take about six months. These difficulties make this niche market is not attractive for most of our competitors.

Despite the slowdown, after the first completed applications are expected impressive revenue growth and the development itself bigness structure.

In the first fiscal year, ZHR end with minimal loss and a perfect preparation for subsequent growth.

The forecast revenue intentionally bet a minimum number of sales (placed candidates). This fact makes (might be) the business plan less attractive, but at the expense gives maximum realistic expectations.

Our Commitment

Our recruitment consultants understand business and industry pressures, and we are well placed to respond quickly to client needs.  Our client list ranges from small enterprises to major multinationals, and whatever the size our clients recruitment budget, we offer only the most cost effective agency fees as a matter of principle.  In addition we offer a 100% refund of all placement fees, within the first 3 months, if our placed candidate does not work out due to unforeseen circumstances.

We also have a commitment to our candidates, to place them in organisations in which they will thrive and add value.  We offer our candidates career advice primarily, as well as employment opportunities.  If we don’t get it right for our candidates, it doesn’t work for anyone.

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